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Pegasus Realty has selected a preferred builder based on reputation, proven track record, quality of work, experience & customer service. Call us today to discuss the wonderful option of designing the house of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Building

Do I have to get two different loans? No, some lenders offer a one time closing.
Is it better to build or buy an existing house? It depends on your wants & needs. A new house is designed with all your wants & needs. An existing house may not have all your wants & needs but may offer a better price per square foot, grown trees, fences, yard, etc...
How long is the process of building? From the time you apply for financing, to the construction loan closing and completion of the project, you can expect 5 months (approximately) to get your new house keys.
Will we get closing costs assistance from builder? Yes, if the house appraises.
Can we see some of the builder’s current projects? Yes, once you meet with us and decide building a new house is the right choice for you, we can visit several current projects at different stages of construction so you can see the quality of work your house will have.

A Summary of the Process

Once you decide building a new house is the right choice, we will put you in contact with several lenders that offer a one time closing. After being approved for your loan, the builder will meet with you to begin the house design process. After your house design is complete, the builder will again meet with you to review the construction price of your new house. Then, a construction agreement will be signed between you and the builder, a contract package will be turned in to your lender and the construction closing will take 2 months (approximately) to close. After the construction loan closing….the construction of your new house begins!

Once the construction begins, you will work closely with your builder and staff throughout the process. You will be asked to select colors, flooring, granite/quartz, roof shingles color and many other exciting items.

Between Pegasus Realty and our Preferred Builder, we will ensure that your experience throughout the construction of your new house is a pleasant one.

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